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Fungal Follies- performance

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Fungal Follies

Fungal Follies
performance by Iza Tarasewicz, on occasion of her solo exhibition “The Means, the Milieu”
20 December 2014
Objectif Exhibitions
Kleine Markt 7–9/26, Antwerp, 2000, Belgium

Event with support from the Polish Institute in Brussels, as well as the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Piotr Marzec, and Griot Groove in Poland

cooperation with Mateusz Tymura and Urszula Bagińska- Marciniak
duration of performance 40 minutes


On Saturday 20 December 2014, Objectif Exhibitions presented the entropic conclusion to Iza Tarasewicz’s solo exhibition, The Means, the Milieu .Tarasewicz’s performance took place in the midst of her installation within the gallery’s warm basement, where her mushrooms had been propagating for weeks—decomposing, recomposing. Some even joined to become one organism. Their behavior offered cues and clues with which to imagine their various “personalities,” and Tarasewicz took notes. Mateusz Tymura ventriloquized the perspectives of five mushrooms. He’s a professional puppeteer, but Tarasewicz gave him a difficult task—to animate the multiple mouths of a mushroom muppet, in sync with a script written collaboratively with Post Brothers, and voiced by Urszula Marciniak.




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