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Sorry for all the ups and downs- Iza Tarasewicz at Syntax in Lisbon, Portugal

Exhibition opening: 7_5_2015/ 22.00
Exhibition dates: 8_5 – 27_6_2015
Curator: Markéta Stará Condeixa
PDF with documentation SORRY FOR ALL THE UPS AND DOWNS Iza Tarasewicz Syntax Lisbon 2015

The point of departure for the work of Polish artist Iza Tarasewicz is matter. Her frequently complex installations and installation sets can be best described as spatiotemporal events where various forms of matter meet, merge, interact and through the process of dislocation, undergo temporal transformations. Binary relations such as the organic and the inorganic, the natural and the artificial are rendered secondary. All is brought to life through a careful process of revaluation restructuring, misplacement and a sense of organic chaos. All is in, yet at the same time out of place, prompting new energetic and spatial affairs.

Sorry for all the ups and downs is a continuation of a series of exhibitions started in 2014 by Strange Attraction and followed byCollaborating Objects Radiating EnvironmentsThe Means, The Milieuand By the apparent impossibility of arranging signs. By the appropriation of materials from respective exhibitions and their variation, the current exhibition can be best described as an open structure, pointing to the countless possibilities of relational sets that operate within the construction of material wholes. Taking the material nature of the human body as an essential part of its constellation, the installation aims to challenge the relationship of the human body – in this case the body of the spectator -, to the installation elements, pointing thus to the transformation in bodily relations to aspects of the real and the virtual, and the transition in our understanding of material bodily presence in times, where conventional spatio-temporal relations are being rendered obsolete.

Iza Tarasewicz is the second artist in residency at Syntax where she will present her work in a series of events held between May 2nd and July 1st 2015


SYNTAX is an art structure devoted to production, presentation, promotion and stimulation of international contemporary art practice in Lisbon. With its name derived from a linguistic discipline, which deals with the study of relations between words in a sentence, the main incentive of SYNTAX, is to establish new sets of relations between the work of international artists and art practitioners coming to Lisbon, and the local art context they are confronted with.
Assuming the metaphor of an artwork as a word (both embody content), and a creative context as a sentence (an enclosed structure) that accommodates it, SYNTAX operates as an agent, which through its various activities helps to facilitate and maintain relations among one another. Our main goal is to provide a functional enviroment for creation and new encouters, that will lead to the exchange of knowledge and ideas, as well as lasting, rather than passing collaborations.
SYNTAX is a project developed by Markéta Stará Condeixa.





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