Iza Tarasewicz

Turbulence Soon Appears

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Turbulence Soon Appears, Iza Tarasewicz, Trapez Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2016

Turbulence Soon Appears
Curated by: Barnabás Bencsik
12 May – 17 June2016

PDF documentation: Turbulence Soon Appears

Iza Tarasewicz gets inspiration for her work from the atomism of classical Greek philosophy and from the reality-explanations of 20th-century quantum physics and chaos-theory. Her statues and object-assemblages that may be combined into installations are generated into systems filled with energy, formed from hardly identifiable organic and inorganic materials, this way following the speculative concepts of the atomists about the material reality combined of randomly assembling tiny particles swirling in space. In her drawings, photographs, and statuettes she amalgamates the toolkit of scientific cognition, the rationality of charts, flow diagrams, and schematic models with the joy of sensual cognition and the dynamic re-organisation of space.

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